Nrn anthrax warning

Nrn anthrax warning; 9/11 Commission report said anthrax found in New York City; anthrax found in Fort Knox; FBI says anthrax attacks never occurred; Anthrax research by Army doctor shows new methods of mass killing

RICHMOND, VA — Today a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advisory on air safety issued to all airlines has been removed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The advisory dated Nov. 4, 2015 was pulled by the FAA because it contained a false statement that anthrax had been 예스 카지노found in the U.S.

The FAA advisory was originally published in late 2013, however an “outage” occurred during a routine inspection of aircraft. The FAA Advisory Committee (AAC) issued an updated version of the advisory in late 2013 after receiving new intelligence reports and information from sources within and without the U.S. government.

One of the information sources was a “retailer” or “agent” of the CIA. The informatio바카라n was provided to the FAA by a member of the U.S. Senate who was concerned about anthrax. The CIA informed the FAA that CIA officers may have been present in New York in the hours of Sept. 11, 2001, to dispose of the spores.

In May 2014, a third party (the Army’s Dr. David Albright) conducted a study of anthrax spores and determined that most of the original spores were still infectious. Dr. Albright’s study c인터넷 바카라oncluded that anthrax was indeed highly infectious to humans.

Because the study revealed that more than half the anthrax found in New York was infectious (including the very pathogenic strain that caused an explosion that killed 4 people and seriously injured 18 people at Ground Zero, one of the most powerful chemical weapons attacks in US history), the FAA advisory, for now, remains in effect.

However, the FAA is reviewing and reassessing its initial assessment and will likely request public comments on its revised and additional information later this spring. FAA will keep the FAA Advisory Committee in contact with the public via email.