Judge questions case management after evidence in shooting death of 15-year-old

Judge questions case management after evidence in shooting death of 15-year-old

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ga. – A trial judge has questioned the integrity of an investigation that involved an investigator who shot and killed 15-year-old Darius Green.

The shooting killed Darius Green of Augusta and his father Robert Green in Lawrenceville Saturday night and his mother Lillian Green on Monday출장 안마.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has hired an outside counsel and is considering changing how it reviews such cases.

But on Monday, Judge Robert Schoeler sent the investigator off to trial on charges of lying to police and misconduct in office. The case was transferred from the circuit judge’s court into the Circuit Court of King County.

Schoeler said he was skeptical of the case managers’ decision to conduct the search in an area not intended for such a search. The searches have been performed only in the past two years.

Prosecutors said investigators conducted two rounds of searches for weapons that included the search of a vacant home on S. 10th Stre골목et in Lawrenceville.

The investigation began as a child abuse case, but police later found a loaded, stolen gun in the basement of a home in Lawrenceville. It turned out that two weapons — one had been stolen from a Lawrenceville apartment and one was miss슬롯 머신ing — belonged to a 17-year-old.

In the case’s third day, prosecutors argued the investigators knew the victim was not at the house when they entered. But they also offered that the person who told police she saw the suspect standing near the house was lying.

In a ruling released late Monday, Schoeler said he had to issue the finding because the defense had asked him to dismiss the charges.

The defense said its client, the former employee of the search committee, was not charged.

Defense attorney Mark Richey said after hearing the judge’s reasons that if Schoeler had to make an exception based on the fact that the victim may have been intoxicated, he would consider it because “he might have had to change his testimony.”

But Schoeler said the defense’s suggestion that the victim had been at the home in April 2015 when he was killed was too early to take into account the fact that the crime took place less than five months later.

After that hearing, Schoeler said he believes he has sufficient evidence to make a judgment on the case. In some respects, he said, it’s a “sneaky littl