He is calling journalists liars emerson on rudd

He is calling journalists liars emerson on rudd

A new letter has emerged from Pauline Hanson, who has accused the Rudd government of being deliberately misleading about the truth regarding climate change.

The “Australian Dream” senator has been forced to admit it’s a myth that global warming is causing a massive economic crisis.

“I think it’s a myth that we’re the only big country in the world that’s been able to build and fund its economy and I think it’s a myth that the world is heading into a severe economic downturn,” she said on ABC radio on Tuesday.

Pauline Hanson, who has been blamed for misleading the public about climate change, has issued a warning about the Rudd government’s plan to cut funding for the Climate Commission.

In a letter to Climate Network chief executive Greg Hunt, she accused the Rudd government of “hiding the truth” about the impact of rising sea levels and a slowing population growth on the world’s rising seas.

“It will cost billions to protect the vulnerable and the world economy,” she wrote.

Read the letter here.

Senator Hanson is currently the leader of the Australian Independent Party, which was founded by former conservative opposition leader Michael Howard.

In a recent interview with News Corp, she said Australia was running out of resources and it was “time for us to pull the plug” on the country’s natural resources.

“We바카라‘re the best resource producer in the world and we can’t afford to burn our way to an iron ore or a carafes,” she said.

“My idea was to put together a coalition of left and right to sort out who’s right, who is in touch with the people.

“The way I would approach it is look where your country is and don’t take the cheap oil and the natural gas because those are being taken off our shelves.”

The Queensland senator is also ba우리카지노cking an alternative government.

Read the Queensland senator’s letter to Greg Hunt

In January Senator Hanson told ABC radio she’d write the prime minister with details of her “biggest policy”.

“If there is a government that comes into the government, I’ll be happy to work with them on a really significant package of policy changes that could deliver a significant reduction in carbon emissions that might be needed bunatyasastra.comt could also do things like help Queensland and other states to transition to a renewable energy future and do that in a way that doesn’t just take out our gas and energy. I think that’s not the approach we nee